PRACTICE: Salsachata Thursdays

DATE: 9/16/2021
WHERE: ETOWN SALSA Dance Studios 10923-101 st nw Edmonton
WHEN: Thursday dates below from 8:15 - 11pm
CONTACT INFO:1-780-906-7939
TICKET INFO: $5/person

No lesson , just Bring Your Own Music. A great night to practice your craft to your favorite music in a public setting welcome for everyone.

Come as early as 8:15pm and practice! Open for shines practice or couples dancing. Work on your footwork combos to your favorite music and for you to share with everyone else. Your music will need to fit in a 3.5mm cable supplied. We just request you limit your songs to 3 to allow others to share their music. If no others are around then you can share as long as you want. If you don't have music, we will have our playlist going for you otherwise.

With almost 3 hours of music, this is a great night to clean up your shines and patternwork.

If there is a demand for this night of practice, we will keep it going. But we need your support! So tell everyone about it in the dance community! Thanks!

THURS SEPT 16 & 23


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