DATE: 7/9/2018
WHERE: ETOWN SALSA Dance Studio, #201, 10923-101 st. NW, Edmonton
WHEN: Check start dates below
CONTACT INFO:1-888-337-3635 or 780-906-7939 (Edmonton)
TICKET INFO: $80+tax/person

Bachata Lev 1 - $84 or $168 per couple

The sexiest dance on the dance floor, YES! Bachata! Originating from the tropical island of the Dominican Republic, this is a dance that complete beginners can start with and have fun instantly! Its becoming very popular amongst nightclub goers and even those frequenting destination resorts around the world. Enjoy a non-competitive environment with lots of ease and fun to boot! ETOWN SALSA has built a large dance community in this city and it plans to continue this trend for many years to come!

4 Thursdays start Jul 5@ 7:30-9:00pm (6hrs total)
3 Sundays start Jul 8, 2018@8:00-10:00pm (skip July 22) (6hrs total = $80+tax)
4 Mondays start Jul 9@ 6:00-7:30pm (6hrs total)
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$80+tax /person for 6 hr series

Bachata Lev 1.5 - $84 or $168 per couple

If you want to expedite your way to level 2 or maybe you took Bachata sometime ago and want to fast track to level 2 or maybe you finished level 1 and not quite ready for level 2 and want an easier transition. This Bachata class will review all of level 1 (6hrs) in the span of one 90 min class to confirm your fundamentals. If you can't keep up after this 1st class, we will refer you to retake lev 1 again. After the 1st class we will be working on new fundamentals that are easy to grasp and slowly add styling for the ladies and pattern work for the men. You won't be bored and this is a perfect class to progress you through to level 2 status!!
4 Wednesdays start July 4, 2018@7:30-9pm (1.5hrs per week)
4 Thursdays start Jul 5@ 6:00-7:30pm (6hrs total)

$80+tax /person or $150+tax/couple

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