LEARN: Salsa / Bachata lev 1.5 partnering

DATE: 9/25/2022
WHERE: ETOWN SALSA Dance Studios 10923-101 st nw Edmonton
WHEN: see details below
CONTACT INFO:1-780-906-7939
TICKET INFO: $85+tax / person

We are VERY EXCITED to have you back and dancing what you love! 2022 looks to be a much better year than 2020 & 2021 combined. If you have taken SALSA or BACHATA level 1 before and are ready to move up, your first class will review all of level 1 in one class. If you haven't done Salsa 1 in some time, you may need a refresher before taking on this series. NOTE: Masks are optional and swapping optional.

$85+tax/person for 6 hrs over 4 wks

SALSA Level 1.5

BACHATA Level 1.5

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