Here will be an update of news and protocols ETOWN SALSA will be following in order to stay within the AHS guidelines till the pandemic has ended.

Edmonton is under Stage 2(as of June 12) of the re-opening phases and here are some protocols we will be enforcing:

* We will be spraying and disinfecting the washrooms and reception areas before , between classes and after classes.

* Floors have been marked with 2 meter distancing in between to help guide all students with proper social distancing.

* We have made masks mandatory during stage 2 and possibly stage 3. If you do not have one, we are selling masks upon prior request.

* A reduction in the number of students per class exists now in order for proper social distancing.

* A 15 min break in between classes now exists in order for exiting and entrance of clients.

* In order to reduce risk indoors even further, we are requesting students wanting to socialize to do this outdoors rather than in reception or in the studio itself.

* If you would like to film the class, keep your phone on you or near the wall by where you are dancing to avoid any contact with anyone towards the end of class.

* We will not be utilizing punchcards or allowing drop-ins to the class unless prior notification is made. (24hrs minimum prior to class)

* No one will need to sign into the class upon entry. You will be designated an area to remain for the remainder of the class.

* We have 3 washrooms available and will be requesting everyone to hand sanitize or wash hands before and after class.

* Please enter with your partner 5-10 min before class. Not any sooner or any later. We will be locking doors up to 5 min after the start of class to avoid any outsiders entering the premise.

* If any children of parents are present to wait for the parents in the reception area, we request they bring masks in order for them to remain in the area.

As more guidelines are presented we will update this post for best practices for all students attending.

Thank you for reading and we hope to give our students the safest experience possible during this difficult time.

Alejandro Rojas
Instructor & Owner
ETOWN SALSA Latin Dance Studios

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