Please find now a full lineup of classes for this fall season. Note the changes we have made with some new classes plus some new rules we have setup. Check out the list:
- New Beginner solo footwork classes
- New Intermediate solo footwork classes
- For partner classes, couples only or cohort trusted pairings.
- For all classes, masks mandatory and if sufficient distance between students, then no mask on solo classes as long as no talking.
- Sanitize hands or clean hands upon arrival to class before and after class.
- Virtual option for class but must be requested before the start of series.
- If a lockdown of classes in studio occurs, remainder of classes will continue by zoom virtually.
- As a bonus virtual classes will also be recorded for download and reference.
- Socially distanced squares have been created to give 2 metre distancing requirements.
- Santizing stations are setup at the entrances front and back of the building for your safety as well.

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