Due to covid mandate from AHS, ETOWN SALSA will be currently banning dance social events and socials and any dance nights it usually holds.

Why you may ask? and you may also question then why would partner dance classes be allowed and not socials?

Large in part, social dancing is exactly what the name implies, to dance socially with as many partners as one pleases. In addition to this, there is alot of close contact and heavier breathing that occurs right in front of each other. And this is usually with strangers and regular dance partners one may have. In a classroom setting, we have mandated same cohort and couples only with no swapping so this allows much better control of risk. The probability of being able to have a social dance event that did not allow swapping of partners is very unlikely and so for that reason alone, we don't feel confident in hosting parties of this nature at this time until a vaccine or drugs are introduced to build our immune systems and to create a herd immunity. Seasonal flu has drugs and vaccine shots available but COVID so far does not. So until vaccines and drugs become main stream and available to the Edmonton people, we will be postponing any events of this nature. It's unfortunate and depriving of what dancers , especially partner dancers love the most. Partner dancing fulfills a proper amount of Serotonin in our brain to reduce levels of depression, anxiety and sleep. In addition dancing and listening to music considered wellness and exercise will elevate your Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin,and Endorphin levels to create very healthy brain development. We like to call it your Latin Dance "D.O.S.E." One becomes addicted to the feeling and doing it again and again only keeps your DOSE levels up! ;) In the meantime, find a cohort partner and just dance at home or even solo dancing can help your situation.

If you don't have a partner, we do have solo footwork classes that will get you dancing, exercise, and fulfilling proper levels of D.O.S.E..

In anycase, keep happy , keep sane, and keep dancing!!


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