JULY Update: Beginner level 1 OPEN


Yes it has been a slow phase in period and we want to ensure health wise everyone is taken care of. We have already started 4 in-studio classes with great success and we will be added more this month.

Look forward to some new classes never introduced before. Footwork shines to get your minds going. It includes absolute beginner classes in Salsa and Bachata patterns that will increase your footwork vocabulary like you never thought. Its not a Zumba class but more directed into learning footwork and body movement like you have never done before. Latin Afro Cuban movement is distinct and you will love the vibe once you take these classes.

We also have couples only classes in Salsa and Bachata available. Both classes have already been scheduled for July and August to start. Feel free to register online and because there is limited space we recommend early registration. Also we have a strict mask requirement for all classes and no couples will be swapping during class. The effectiveness of what we are doing is going a long way to keep our health and sanity! Hope you can join us soon!


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